Message from CEO

Message from CEO                                                                                             

In the name of god the compassionate the merciful

The success of countries in achieving economic goals is always indebted to the efforts they make to achieve financial stability. For this reason, strategies, programs and actions of governments in providing financial stability, have a special place in their policy and management system and day by day they improve and develop. The experience of economic crises, which over run economic infrastructure like furious storms and destabilize the economic foundations, create further motivation to focus on financial stability mechanisms. Although initially governments only paid attention to financial health and dealt with the subject through creating and promoting financial health network, but by considering its adequacy, they turned towards creating and improving financial stability network which covers more grounds of economic environment in addition to utilizing more diverse pillars and stronger tools and techniques.

 However, policy makers and economic and financial elites still believe that the steel shield of the financial stability network cannot tolerate the turmoil created by economic crisis, and one should always be in search for remedies and solutions. However, in the last financial stability network architecture, four main pillars are defined which include central bank, supervisory institution and prudential regulations and Deposits Guarantee Fund, which together with government and government support as the fourth pillar, have the responsibility of providing financial stability. With formation of deposits Guarantee Fund as one of the fundamental institutions in country’s financial system, it can be said that apparent structure of the financial stability network is completed.  However, this does not mean that we have an adequate and sufficient financial stability network. We have a long way ahead in giving identity to and benefiting from the advantages of financial stability network.

God willing deposits Guarantee Fund in Iran tries to provide a safe environment for depositors in collaboration with banks and credit institutions, experts, managers and employees of the banking system, and by benefiting from the knowledge of experts and academic and administrative experts and experience of other funds in the world, and by coordinating with other elements of the Iranian financial stability network.

Mohammad Talebi